An end-to-end
tracking solution

No lubricant required

No lubricant required

For lifetime of
the solar plant

Go wireless!

Go wireless!

WiFi enabled communication
powered by a localized source

Stowing at wind speeds

Stowing at wind speeds

Installation is possible on
undulated land slopes



  • Least power consumption (300 kwh/year)
  • Backtracking with Azimuth Correction
  • Standalone mode (no external power required)
  • Single controller for up to 500kw block
  • Algorithms for E-W slope. High wind speed stow


  • Vadar-Fxp frictionless pivots
  • 100% frictionless movement ZERO maintenance, no lubricant
  • Composite material bearings
  • ZERO maintenance, No lubricants, No replacements for >30 years


  • Rotationally balanced structure
  • Least tons/MW
  • Easy installation – no welding
  • Horizontal and tilted module tracking options

Typical Layout



Tracker Controllers
and Software



Pivoting Options



Structure Design







  • Maharashtra India 100 MW
  • Karnataka India 36 MW
  • Karnataka India 12 MW
  • Karnataka India 6 MW
  • Punjab India 52 MW
  • USA Florida 650 kW
  • Madhya Pradesh India 48 MW
  • Telangana India, 16 MW
  • Telangana India, 15 MW
  • Tamil Nadu India, 10.5 MW



Scorpius Trackers is promoted by the team at Chroma Systems and Chroma Energy

Chroma Energy is the only company in India to have developed a complete Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) solution. The CPV solution from Chroma delivers modules with > 28% AC efficiency with intelligent dual axis tracking ( )

Chroma Systems is a premier machine vision and Image Analysis company, with products lines in metallograpgic Image processing, hardness testig and CNC controllers. Chroma has the most number of installations of such products in India, with exports. ( )

Download the Scorpius Trackers Brochure

Vision and Mission


Scorpius aims to be the world’s premier solar tracking solutions provider with a unique mechanical and software tracking solution, using which our users will be able to achieve the lowest cost of power generation per installed kWHr.


To create a high value ROI business for investors and customers, by working on the development of:

  1. An in house team of engineers capable of furthering the R&D efforts in current and new areas in mechanical, software and embedded system design for various existing and new tracking configurations
  2. A quality conscious, dedicated and mature supply chain capable of quality and on time deliveries
  3. A steady growth in customers from varied geographies across the globe


Shailesh Vaidya (CEO) and Kiran Shah (CTO) set up Chroma Systems, while doing their engineering, to commercialize their graduation projects. Chroma Systems ( ) is now India’s largest manufacturer of Metallurgical Test equipment.

India's most successful Image Analysis suite for Metallography

Vission and mission

Over 300 installed in 5 countries around the world

India's first Micro Hardness Tester


Recipient of the Business World - NID 2005, Best Industrial Equipment Design Award

India's first CNC Bolt-On Kit for Lathes. Fits on in one day

Senior team

Recipient of the TiE and IIT(Mumbai) Most Innovative Product award

Each is a unique technology product and not reverse engineered. Each one is a marketing and commercial success, with premium prices and healthy margins. All are the brainchild of the co-founders and team members who have now moved on to develop single axis trackers.

The promoters got in professional management at Chroma Systems in 2010 and moved on to their next venture.

In 2010, they incorporated Chroma Energy ( to work in renewable energy, specifically in the development of Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) technology. CPV solar modules along have been designed with the concentration cell assemblies, optical train and the dual axis trackers. A laboratory scale CPV system was demonstrated in early 2012 and module efficiency of 30% was measured.

Since promoters had developed a very powerful dual axis tracker, they decided to monetize the tracker IP and developed a very nice single axis tracker for regular PV, launched through Scorpius Trackers.

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  • Pradyumna Gogte CIO
  • Surendra Sathe GM (Technical Centre) READ MORE

Pradyumna Gogte



He holds a Masters in Environmental Science but a quirk of fate landed him in software development. Over last twenty years he has developed capability in many matters software by sheer dint of logical enquiry and application. He led teams at Fortune Decision Systems through the life cycle of its platforms and products. He has developed online order management system for a large film producer in Hollywood. He has also developed an order management and fund ‘valuation’ application and another for computational analysis of performance of assets for a large asset management company. At Chroma Systems he earlier worked on software solutions for the Image Analysis Systems as well as the Die Hard series. At Chroma Energy as its CIO, he has successfully developed the embedded algorithm for the intelligent dual axis tracker. At Scorpius, Pradyumna has developed the tracker’s firm-ware among others.

Surendra Sathe

GM (Technical Centre)


He has responsibility for quality assurance of all material aspects and IEC certification. Surendra has thirty years of experience in the field of metallurgical processes and testing in renowned companies such as Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto and Bosch (Kalyani Brakes). His expertise extends to various surface treatment processes such as Nitriding (Sursulf & Arcor), physical vapor deposition, Electroless Nickel plating, anodizing and also heat treatment. He has served as an expert in metallurgy to many prestigious organizations such as the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT). He has a BE in Metallurgical Engineering and is member of ASM and Indian Institute of Metals. He is also trained in rapid prototyping in Germany. Surendra has been an entrepreneur and his enterprise had VC investment; he has exited that venture since.


In House facilities and instrumentation is available for research, validation and testing. Some of the equipment’s are:

  • Environmental Test Chambers for lifecycle testing of the Tracker Controller boards as per IEC / UL standard requirements
  • Salt Spray chambers for testing the pivot and hardware materials and surface treatments
  • Electronic proto lab with stereo microscope and electrical checking/testing equipment
  • Clean bench for assembly
  • PLC Oven for temperature cycling of electronics
  • Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analyser
  • Micro Hardness Tester


397/ 6-7, Senapati Bapat Road,
Gokhale Nagar Signal, Pune -411016.

Phone: 91-20-25659413