Tracking the sun

Dawn to dusk ™

No Maintenance, ~100% uptime

Tracking the sun

Dawn to dusk ™

Trackers with 100% Wireless Technology

Tracking the sun

Dawn to dusk ™

Minimal install time, Minimal parts

Tracking the sun

Dawn to dusk ™

Trackers for BiFacial
Modules 1V, 2V, 2H

Tracking the sun

Dawn to dusk ™

Minimal investment, High output

Tracking the sun

Dawn to dusk ™

Bankable and Reliable

No Maintenance, ~100% uptime
Trackers with 100% Wireless Technology
Minimal install time, minimal parts
Trackers for BiFacial modules 1V, 2V, 2H
Minimal investment, high output
Bankable and Reliable

Scorpius Trackers offers cutting edge Solar Tracking Technology; from maintenance-free bearings, real-time GPS enabled tracking, Artificial Intelligence IoT (Internet of Things) SCADA and much more. A top class, reliable and bankable Single Axis Tracker with competitive CAPEX, minimal O&M costs to give best LCoE.

Third Party

Boundary Layer
Wind Tunnel Testing

Presenting SRT 60: Hi-End Solar Tracking System

SRT 60

Scorpius Tracker’s SRT 60 is a one of a kind Single Axis Sun tracker boasting a 20% to 30%+ increased power generation.

Strong control algorithms, intelligent weather prediction allows SRT -60 to track the sun from dawn to dusk. Additionally, SRT-60’s globally patented CABLE & Sector Drive with a pivot connection to the Torque tube, gives SRT-60 an excellent terrain adaptability. The Scorpius SRT-60 generates more solar power, delivers high output and requires minimal maintenance.

Scorpius Trackers offers the widest slope tolerances, fastest install times, minimal parts, localisation options in the Middle East and South America and many more features and advantages.

World’s most efficient Torsion Control

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Some of the SRT-60 stand outs are:

  1. Multi point torsion locking mechanism, maintenance free cable drive for +- 60 photovoltaic tracking.

  2. 100% wireless charging and communication for PV trackers, weather station.

  3. Torque Tube of the same thickness throughout the row length, which makes it easy for sourcing.

  4. SRT-60 has no need of oil filled dampers, the structure is dampened by the cable drive.

  5. Sealed drive System, bushings and bearings with NO O&M (self lubricated).

  6. Scorpius SRT-60 design has a continuous table with minimal module gap, best suited for Robotic module cleaning.

  7. SRT-60 already compatible and installed with BiFacial modules.

Scorpius Tracker’s SRT 60 is a state-of-the-art Single Axis PV Tracker with a +-60 range, boasting a 20% to 35% increased solar power generation. Bi-facial module ready trackers already installed. Strong control algorithms with intelligent weather prediction, SRT -60 is an innovative photovoltaic tracker, efficiently tracking of Sun.

Unique Features

Scorpius Tracker’s SRT-60 has a top-notch Tracker Controller, to Maximize power generation : 


Automatic Stow during cloudy atmosphere


Lightening & Pressure detection to predict storms.


Orient and tilt individual Rows at accurately calculated angles.


Finest slope tolerance with 2 bends in 90 mtr in N-S single row.

Cable free wireless communication makes SRT 60 stand apart competition. 


  • SRT : Scorpius Row Tracker
  • WS : Weather Station
  • WM : Wireless Module
  • BMS : Battery Management System
  • TS : Tilt Sensor
  • PV1,2,3 : PV Module for WS
  • B1,2,3 : Battery


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Black Dots - Pipeline Projects.

Yellow Dots - Completed Projects.



    1. Scorpius Trackers has a legacy of 25 years in the automotive industry, the last 6 years were spent in developing and designing cutting edge SINGLE AXIS TRACKING TECHNOLOGY. 
    2. With installations across Japan, Middle East, India, Africa and ongoing discussion on projects across EU as well as the American Continent, SCORPIUS TRACKERS is well equipped to deliver across all geographies with presence in Japan, Thailand, India, Portugal, USA and further expanding worldwide
    1. NO, ZERO Mech O&M across the life of the plant enables SCORPIUS TRACKERS to stand apart. 
    2. SCORPIUS TRACKERS is the only pure play SINGLE AXIS TRACKING TECHNOLOGY specialist with dual ARRAY and ROW technologies unencumbered by legacy issues and with a design life of 25 years and bushings tested for 150+years. 
    1. SCORPIUS TRACKERS design philosophy enables all components to be installed on the posts which reduces build out time or civil work enabled quick installs even with semi-skilled labour. 
    2. SCORPIUS TRACKERS employees always supervise all sites till commissioning thus ensuring quality installations on time and to specifications.

Bifacial is the Solar technology of today the immediate future receiving widespread adoption with SCORPIUS TRACKERS delivering a robust design to ensure the maximum absorption of energy with zero compromise on quality standards. BiFacials are delivering north of 25% in gains and in some cases crossing 30% over FTS.

SCORPIUS TRACKERS has maintained 100% uptime over the last 5 years for 95%+ of installations with the remaining 5% at 99.9%+, the overall average across projects is ~99.99%

    1. Scorpius Trackers design philosophy enables installations on undulated terrain and can be designed around the project rather than have the project be designed to SCORPIUS TRACKERS specifications. 
    2. Flexibility of install with the ability to handle drops across a row is unparalleled with a patented design which enables land with slopes to be used without leveling saving on time and costs to a large extent.
    1. The standard foundation preferred is ramming which makes for easy, economical and quick installs. 
    2. However, based on ground conditions, all types are possible to be accommodated and can be designed to minimise the time and costs of deployment.
  • 25 years. The design life of SCORPIUS TRACKERS components with cutting edge robust equipment along-with mechanical  bushings harshly tested for all atmospheric conditions with a life in excess of 150+ years.
  • ST standard warranty is 10 years on Mechanical and Electronics extendable upto 25 years ensuring maximum ROI.
    1. No, ZERO breaks between panels,  ROW lengths of 100 Metres plus coupled the ability to install on any kind of terrain, its possible to install 1 MW in less than 3 acres with substantial gains over Fixed Tilt. Scorpius Trackers has the lowest land usage and is comparable to Fixed Tilt with all the benefits of tracking the sun
    2. Uneven terrain is also not a challenge with the innovative patented
  1. Well designed trackers can be deployed in dusty as well as dirty environments with lower impact than other stationary or semi stationary technologies.
  2. ST mechanicals are suitable for harsh atmosphere with zero O&M necessary

With no gaps between panels, the structure of Scorpius Trackers is such that Robotic cleaning can be deployed without any modifications at all.

SCORPIUS TRACKERS ensures the most economical and reduced LCOE for your Solar Project delivering peak power whenever the Sun shines future proofingyour project for battery as well as other grid storage mechanisms. The benefits are myriad with the below listing of a few

  • Lower downtime impact during mid half of the day
  • Reduced curtailment losses
  • Power delivery from Sunrise to Sunset enabling commercial, school and office reducing dependence on external sources
  • Smoother generation curve and consistent power generation through the day
  • Easier to couple with storage mediums
  • Bankable Design and Structures

We have completed our Bankability review by Black and Veatch, a globally known name in engineering consulting space. The following questions are answered in this report:

The client list of Scorpius Trackers including almost all top developers and EPC across the globe and with projects being designed for installation in Latin America, North America, EU, Africa, Russia, SEA

About Us

Established in 2012, Scorpius Trackers Pvt Ltd is an innovative and proactive end-to-end single-axis solar tracking solution provider. Scorpius provides one-of-a-kind Solar PV trackers, which produces high output and entails minimal investment. Scorpius has developed its own tracker controller, software and innovative structure designs, Keeping a pulse of the changing requirements and the need of the IPP’s and EPC’s to scrutinize technology solutions for the superior generation with existing setups to boost returns.

Scorpius is India’s largest supplier of single-axis trackers and aims to be the world’s premier solar power generation tracking solutions provider by 2022.

Quick Facts & Updates

  • Fastest growing Tracker supplier
  • Localisation options in India, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico
  • Team present in SE Asia, Europe, USA, Japan, Australia
  • Installations across Japan, Middle East, India, Africa
  • Ongoing discussion on projects across EU as well as the American Continent

Scorpius Trackers is lead by

Shailesh Vaidya

Co Founder, CEO

Kiran Shah

Co Founder, CTO

Aditya Joshi


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Head Office Address

Scorpius Trackers PVT LTD

Plot No 34J & 34K,
GAT No 729, Jaywant Estate, Velu,
Pune - 411205, Maharashtra, India.

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Europe, Mexico, Brazil


  • Black & Veatch conducts technical due diligence, assess energy production capability, and investigates the solar PV component manufacturer.
  • Through this review, the solar energy professionals evaluate product design, product performance and reliability, manufacturing quality, installation and
    operations/maintenance requirements and manufacturer company evaluation.

Completed for ARRAY, in process for ROW

Wind Tunnel Tested for Static, Dynamic, Aero-Elastic effects

What is a Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory?

  • Cutting-edge facility for wind tunnel testing and
    analysis methods that provides planners with solutions
    to complex wind engineering problems at the project
    design stage
  • Examines the effects of wind on tall buildings, longspan bridges and multiple other structures.
  • Solves such environmental problems as wind-driven
    rain and predictions of the effects of severe wind
    storms, such as hurricanes ensuring safety parameters
    are met successfully.
  • Covers snow engineering, wind climate studies and
    analysis of pedestrian-level winds

Structure Design compliance codes : IS,
ASCE, Eurocode, JIS

GOOD tracker designs are based on boundary layer wind tunnel data taken in an actual wind tunnel.
Such designs consider DYNAMIC wind behaviour and AERO ELASTIC INSTABILITY